Shab e mehfil

Shab-E-Mehfil is our tribute to the glorious history of Awadh - its music, dance, style,literature and culinary heritage.

It is our homage to the golden era when Thumri and Kathak, as sister art forms, were embracing earthly love; giving it the finest artistic expression and acceptance in classical
art and elite society at large.

We will celebrate the empowered womanhood in the Tawaifs (a high- class courtesan), who were not only an artiste par-excellence in dance and music, but also considered an authority on etiquettes and aesthetics.

AAA seeks to recreate the magic of the courts of Wajid Ali Shah with some of the
brightest stars of current generation musicians and dancers and seeks promote a deeper
and subtler awareness of our rich and diverse cultural heritage.

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