The artiste

Prog_SNA_OCT2015_3An aspiring singing sensation in the firmament of classical music of India, Koyel is best known for her unique tonal quality and soulful presentations. Presently an A grade artiste in All India Radio, Koyel gives regular performances in television and radio and is a widely admired in the live concerts across India.
Born with rare musical talent, Koyel was introduced to the magnificent world of Indian Classical Music in her tender age by Shree Pulin Chakraborty of Kirana Gharana. Shree Chakrabarty quickly identified the gem in her and with utmost care he guided the youngster through her journey of music.
Another notable influence and source of inspiration since her early ages has been her maternal uncle Pandit Harashankar Bhattacharya, the foremost disciple of Padmabibhsuan Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer khan Sahib and the great Ustad himself.
Years of dedicated practice and hard work transformed her in to a refined and elegant in her rendition and matured her perfection of expression and compactness of delivery. Honours and Accolades also started showering in as the musical fraternity welcomed this beautiful voice.
As Koyel joined Ravindrav Bharati University for her Graduation and Post-graduation in Khayal she got blessings from Vinshupur Gharana Maestro “Shree Nihar Ranjan Bandhopadhya, then Head of the Department of Hindustani Classical Division of Rabindra Bharati University, who took her under his wings as his disciple. Shree Bandhopadhya started unfolding the intricate beauty of Hindustani Music through advanced Training and thus the mystery and melody of Bishnupur Gharana started burgeoning on her fresh and beautiful voice. Shri Bandhopadhya also noticed Koyel’s inherent creativity of expressing moods and feelings in Thumri and initiated her to the semi classical music as well.Koyel is presently under the guidance of Kirana Gharana vocal exponent Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan.
She was also blessed to have the privilege of being under the tutelage of Late Bidushi Purnima Choudhuri of Benaras Gharana of Thumri. Under her tutelage, Koyel has discovered the treasures of the great heritage of Benaras Gharana in Thumri and other semi classical forms.
Rewarded with the President’s award, the Surmani title and numerous accolades and felicitations from around the world, she is regarded as an acclaimed performer and teacher.


Notable performances

  • 2016, Pune -Akashvani sangeet sammelan
  • 2016, Ahmdabad,Gujrat sangeet Natak Academy,"Ruh E Gazal",Jashn E Begum Akhtar
  • 2015, Delhi,sangeet natak Academy,"Ruh E Gazal",Jashn E Begum Akhtar
  • 2014, Bihar , kesariya mahotsav
  • 2014, Ahmedabad - Kalavant music festival
  • 2013, Raipur - Dr.Anita Sen Jayanti Samaroh,Raipur .
  • 2013, Bihar - Art & Culture , Sangeet Bihaan ,Govnt of India.
  • 2013, Patna - All India Radio music festival.
  • 2012, Kolkata - kolkata music forum
  • 2012, Mumbai - NCPA Umang music series .
  • 2009, Kolkata - Bhawanipur Sangeet Sammelan.
  • 2008, Nagpur - Sangeetam music festival.
  • 2007, Delhi - Habitat Centre .
  • 2005, Kolkata - Tribute to Ustad Abdul Halim Jafer Khan.
  • 2004, Kolkata - Bharatiya Sangeet Parishad
  • 2003 , Ranchi - Gharowa music conference

Styles and Gharana

Her exposure in styles of different Gharana's inspired her to imbibe the best from each that suits her personality and aesthetics and develop her own original style. Synergy of Kirana, Vishnupur and Sham Chrashi gharana created a unique style of rendition which is soulful and lively.
Before she had her formal training in Venaras gharana, she was deeply influenced by Vidushi Shobha Gurtu and Mallika-e-Ghazal Begham Akhtar. Sweetness of Purav Ang gayaki under tutelage of Vidushi Purnima Choudhury helped her form and reinforce her own expression in semi classical genre.

Koyel was initiated to the world of classical music by Sri Pulin Chakraborty of Kirana Gharana. And now she is taking talim from Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan who one of the great exponents of Kirana Gharana having direct musical lineage with legendary Ustad Abdul Karim Khan sahib.

Koyel  was under tutelage from Late Shri Bhiswadeb Bhattacharya of Sham Churashi Gharana and Shri Nihar Ranjan Bandopadhyay of Vishnupur Gharana.

Shri Nihar Banerjee first observed koyel's special talent in Thumri and other semi classical genre and nurtured it with utmost care.  Later Koyel was fortunate to have training from late Vidushi Purnima Choudhuri of famous Benaras Gharana